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Food for Thought is a digital collection of articles relating the Bible to a wide variety of topics. All media is free to download and share.

George Irving is the author of Food for Thought articles.

The story so far…

Since becoming a Christian over 50 years ago when I was 22, I have discovered that God wants to speak to us through the Bible. For this to happen, we first must make the Bible real by going back and asking what the words would have meant to those who first received them. We also need to know something of the times in which they lived and what their circumstances were.

We must then come into the present and make the Bible relevant to today’s very different times and cultures by applying what God’s Word says to the different facets of living in the 21st century. This is what I am attempting to do with my ‘Food for Thought’ articles.

Interestingly, writing and English in general was never a natural gift of mine and I have experienced God’s grace in highlighting topics for me to explore and share. Sometimes the flow dries up - until the next one comes!

Of course, the Christian faith isn’t just about words, it is also about actions. Especially it concerns our living relationship with the Trinity: Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. Indeed, relationships are at the heart of the Christian faith, both with God and with one another.

I don’t believe my ‘Food for Thought’ articles are the ‘last word’ on any topic, but I do hope and pray that they will act as a catalyst in stimulating your own thinking and that you will discover for yourself how God is able to speak into any situation we find ourselves in with His truth, wisdom and love.

George Irving

George is a qualified chemist and worked in industry in the North of England for 7 years after leaving school. Converted whilst working at a power station in Yorkshire, he left to study Theology & Mission at All Nations Christian College. Whilst at All Nations he met Jenny and they were married in 1975. They now have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. George was the pastor of 2 churches and studied counselling from a Biblical perspective with Crusade for World Revival (CWR) and Person-centred counselling at Metanoia Institute in London. He was the Director of a charitable trust called ‘Christian Counselling & Teaching Services’ during which time he was accredited by the Association of Christian Counsellors as an advanced level Counsellor and Supervisor in both Church and community-based settings. He then went freelance as a trainer specialising in different aspects of pastoral care & counselling. He has written Bible study notes for Scripture Union’s ‘Daily Bread’ and since 2013 has been a member of St. Paul’s Town Centre Church, Harlow, where he has served on the Ministry Leadership Team and the Preaching Team. His interests include music, cricket, cooking & reading.

George Irving


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