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Overcoming the ‘Giants’ in our Lives: David & Goliath Read Article

April 2021

Overcoming the ‘Giants’ in our Lives: David & Goliath


On a boiling hot day in the Summer of 2019, we had a family trip to Hatfield House, the home of the Marquess of Salisbury. As we wandered through the stately home, we eventually entered the cool of the Chapel to be faced with the wonderful stained glass East window. This window, dating from 1610, depicts 12 scenes from the Old Testament. As we had two of our grandchildren with us, aged 6 and 4 at the time, I was keen to point out to them some of the Biblical stories depicted in the multi-coloured glasswork. In one picture we could see the cute baby Moses in his ‘Moses’ basket; in another, there was Naaman the Syrian being healed from his leprosy in the river Jordan; and in another, there was Elijah dramatically departing heavenwards in his chariot of fire. But then, shock horror… it was a case of having to avert the children’s eyes and quickly move them on! For there was the young David, holding aloft Goliath’s decapitated head which he had impaled on the Philistine’s own sword!